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Buying a Used Pontiac G6? Read the Repair Records First.

Are you interested in owning a used Pontiac G6? You might think about buying a Pontiac G6 extended auto warranty too. Some of the reliability news for the used Pontiac G6 is not good. While the people from GM make a wonderful driving vehicle, we were surprised at the frequent repair visits owners needed during their years of ownership.

Is the Pontiac G6 Reliable?

Consumer Guide’s ®Auto Editors scoured repair bulletins and questioned mechanics to search for commonly occurring problems for the Pontiac G6. What they found was interesting. Several reoccurring problems plagued the car ranging from check engine lights and other electrical problems to engine noises and failed transmission control modules.

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The list of trouble-spots doesn’t stop there. The check engine light comes on, accompanied by numerous trouble codes, due to timing chains stretching on the 3.7L V6 engine. The power locks, cruise control, shift interlock and other accessories may not work; the engine may not go over 4,000 rpm and the check engine light may come on in cool (32-50 degrees F) after cold soak due to a problem with the transmission control module. (2007) Coolant may leak from the area of the cylinder heads due to bad head gaskets or from the coolant crossover pipe gasket at the right (rear) cylinder head. (2006-08)

Pontiac’s Are Getting More Expensive to Fix

With the cost of repairs rising with Pontiac vehicles every year, it might be smart to consider Pontiac G6 extended auto warranty. Compare the cost of a gm warranty plan against the price of repairing the trouble spots we mentioned earlier. You might be surprised to realize a vehicle extended warranty may be a good deal. The Pontiac Vibe extended auto warranty and Chevy Trailblazer extended warranties are also listed as good buys under many aftermarket auto warranties reports.

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Pontiac G6 extended auto warranty can protect you against Pontiac factory labor rate increases too. Pontiac service facilities have expensive labor rates in an effort to keep good shop mechanics. Pontiac parts prices are near the highest in the industry too. There is a price to pay for riding in style with an automobile like this!

Owning a Pontiac can be a very pleasurable experience.  I hope unexpected repair bills don’t ruin your excitement.


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